Solenn Grall

Healthcare / Life Sciences

After seven years of involvement in non-profit organizations to support a cause, being a lawyer now allows me to defend new causes every day.

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Solenn Grall

   41, avenue de Friedland
75008 Paris

  T : +33 (0)1 53 43 15 55
F : +33 (0)1 53 43 16 22

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  • speaks English

Solenn Grall is a lawyer in the Health / Life Sciences team and works with Olivier Saumon and Céline Roquelle-Meyer.
Solenn's areas of practice include health law and personal injury law, both in front of civil, administrative and criminal courts. She also practices inheritance law, real estate law, family law and the law of associations and foundations. 

Before joining the law firm, Solenn worked for seven years at the French Committee for the United Nations Children's Fund. During this time, she developed a real expertise in the field of gifts to associations and foundations, non-profit organizations that she now advises and represents in court.

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